Telemedical systems for diagnosis and rehabilitation
Welcome to the Website offering interactive services for diagnosis and rehabilitation of the senses responsible for; communication
I Can Hear
The multimedia system of testing your hearing
I Can Speak
Universal System for Testing and Rehabilitation of Speech
Diagnosis and information for those suffering from tinnitus and hyperacusis
I Can See
Universal System for Diagnosing Visual Impairments

The presented diagnosis and rehabilitation systems were conceived and prepared at the Multimedia Systems Department of the Gdansk University of Technology and the International Center of Hearing and Speech in Warsaw. They are international patent pending in all international patent treaty countries on the basis of the following patent applications: PCT/PL00/00019; PCT/PL00/00079; PCT/PL00/00081; PCT/PL00/00085.


The international jury of the Stockholm Challenge Award has placed our system ;"I Can Hear;" among ten best applications in the category ;"Health and Quality of Life;".

We have also been nominated one of Europe's five best multimedia products in a similar category in the international contest ;"Europrix 2000;".

The Scientific Research Committee has chosen us to represent Poland in 2000 at the international exhibition ;"Information Society Technologies;" IST 2000 in Nice.

Some of our applications were cited by the World Fund of Health, Mind and Hearth and given the promotion title: ;"Polish Invention of the Year 2000;".

Our multimedia programs won the prize of the Polish Business Club in the category of "Product of the Year 2000".

During the 51th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies "Brussels Eureka" which took place in Brussels in November 2002, our systems were awarded by the Grand Prix of Prime Minister of Walloon Community and the Grand Prix International of World Press Association (Organisation Mondiale de la Presse Periodique), as well as with gold medal (see this page).

Our project was selected finalist of the eEurope Awards for eHealth 2004 (see this page).